Dev Update #3: A Few Steps Back

Hi everyone, it's been a while since I last gave an update. Royal Rumble came and now we're all on the road to Mania. Let's talk about all the details of what's been going on with Heels vs Faces

When I first started this project I had to decide what's the best way to build this game from a technical perspective. That's always a tricky process but I settled on a popular framework. All went well as I was learning and showing progress. Suddenly I ran into roadblock after roadblock to the point I wasn't making any progress. Things stopped working and it became a point of frustration.

This meant I had to decide on a new framework and so I did that. I basically had to rebuild what I already did, thankfully I was able to re-use a lot of what was already done. I'm now getting back to where I was initially and I think I honestly made the right choice.

It's a much more comfortable process for me so I don't have to learn too many new concepts. Which means I can work faster and more efficiently. In a way, I'm glad this happened now and not much later since it would've either been too late to switch anything or I would have to rebuild way too much.

That's the update I have right now. I hope everyone is doing well!